What are your hours?
Monday-Friday 9:00 to 5:00 Closed Saturday & Sunday.
Where are you located?
What is your turn around time?
You will receive an email proof within 24 hours of us receiving everything we need to complete your order. Once we receive your final approval your order will process and ship within 72 hours. (Note that we are closed on Saturday and Sunday and these days are not counted as processing days.) Ship times vary depending upon zip code and method of shipping. Ground service takes 2-4 business days for most locations in the continental US. We do not guarantee ship times but we take all precautions necessary to hold to our published turn around times. If you are working on a deadline, consider purchasing rush processing or expedited shipping.
Where do you service?
We can service and ship anywhere within the United States. From Los Angeles to New York. Our clients come from all over; Tampa, Orlando, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, California just to name a few.
Can you convert my color photo into black & white?
Yes, Color photos are free to convert but color slides are $10.00 to make black & white.
Can I e-mail you a digital file.
Yes, send us a 300 resolution JPEG file using our Online Order Site. Call or e-mail if you have any questions on e-mailing us your files. Call 407-839-5029
Do I get my original back?
Yes, Your original will be placed in your box with your order. If your original is larger than 8x10 a fee of $2.00 each is needed to send it back to you first class mail.
Will litho prints work for reprint in publications?
Our reproductions are made up of small dots, so when it is reproduced in a publication it needs to be descreened to avoid a moire pattern. Most publications now have options for descreening litho photos for best reproduction. We can not say that all publications can do this but most of the time it should be no problem.
Can you accept digital files for color or black & white reproductions?
Yes we can accept your digital file on disk, email or use our Online Order Site to place our order online.