Terms and Conditions

The person signing this form accepts total responsibility for full payment and any additional costs that may be incurred in the production of this order under the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. Payments: Full payments must accompany order. PERSONAL CHECKS WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER TWO WEEKS.
  2. Copy and Layout: Detailed instructions and rough mock-ups are welcome, but with the understanding that unless camera-ready artwork is given, layouts and cropping are at our discretion. Copy must be clearly typed or written. We cannot be held responsible for any errors resulting from ambiguities.
  3. Proofs: all orders include one proof. Additional proofs are $10.00
    • a. Layouts, cropping and quality of reproduction are at our discretion where a proof is waived, and Great Graphics Photoscan shall have no liability for errors in typography or cropping not meeting client's satisfaction.
    • b. The client accepts full responsibility for any dispute arising from asking an employee or agent of Great Graphics Photoscan to check the proof, and Great Graphics Photoscan shall have no liability for any dissatisfaction resulting from such circumstances.
  4. Originals: We take every care for originals, but we are not liable for loss or damage beyond our control. If your Originals are larger than 8X10 a $2.00 charge is needed for us to send them back to you by mail.
  5. Liability: Every effort is made to meet our anticipated delivery dates. Great Graphics Photoscan shall not be liable for damages, loss of income or incurred cost sustained by any client due to unexpected delays.
  6. Adjustments: Adjustments to a completed order must be made within 24 hours of delivery. Great Graphics Photoscan reserves the right to reprint instead of cash refunds. Photos cannot be returned for cash refunds. Matters of dispute will be settled by reasonable objective standards of the industry.
  7. Overage and Shortage: A 20% difference is allowed on all custom printed goods. Overage and shortage will be handled on a prorate basis only.
  8. Please Note: in the event of a canceled order, and we already started on your order, there is a non-refundable $20.00 setup charge.

No employee or agent of Great Graphics Photoscan can alter these Terms and Conditions.